https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/bck5mk2-SKscER6ntEi4jQXBHP2SynehbAiRTNzXMurqFamKA7iVpCnDBLcobAdceTxLTVPSbKrtXxyXd6_AVYja3Y6A3FzaHb0iwzmJ0SxK_1tdqRqftbnGUhEe9qAGe-WkPhm2      Overview 

Travel around and discover Sharjah City, the cultural capital of the UAE on this 5 hour tour from Dubai. Situated on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the city is centred around a beautifully-restored Old Town, full of museums, souks and other heritage areas.

After getting picked up, at the selected location or hotel, by our friendly tour guide, embark on a journey in our air-conditioned minivan to discover the tranquil Arabian lifestyle of Emirates’ charming cultural capital.

First, stop by at the Sharjah Heritage Museum, where you can chart Sharjah’s past and gain insight into Arab Culture and history. Next, continue onto the King Faisal Mosque, the largest of the emirate’s 300 mosques, sprawling over an area of about 12,000 square meters. Along the way, you will also be stopping by at a few locations for photo stops.

Then, you will head towards Al Hisn Fort, the former residence of the Sharjah Ruling Family.

Afterward, stroll around the Souq Al Arsah, the UAE’s oldest marketplace - where Persian, Asian and Arab traders once dealt their wares. Snap up souvenirs from stalls selling goodies such as pashminas, coffee pots and jewelry. Lastly, visit another of Sharjah’s marketplaces, the Souq Al Markazi - better known as the ‘Blue Souq’ for its six spectacular buildings embellished in Blue tiling. Delve inside to browse through everything from designer goods to carpets and traditional Emirati handicrafts, before you head back to Dubai.

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 Sharjah City Tour  Itinerary


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5rvgklkdmr_GHrRQwWFoUesHFWxs4wtTEyekN4AeuMTREH1ufSVWG_oSsfMnPYi_gsmdQHuBxciwqs3YUcK7XiFqHcAB9WmM0RjauUW0id8QkqyDjeDyHSPJywXB0V-bJHdc75fQ   Tour Package Details

  • Morning Camel Trekking - AED 450

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/9CMcRbfR0UlS2VAGLLMqOtEG-ged8bcS-O5NQNGzXnfMSdVQDjZo2-QGMPM506W0P2sEC7LsD-jcdcXwKFr3Ll7E1OPcHmgzV-3DHC5axB7QyDZ8SSttzLYzAlrqQbsoQQsotY1g   Other Important Info


  • Minimum 2 people required
  • Sharing and Private transfer options are available.  
  • Some locations might remain closed for visits on specific days. The company holds no responsibilities, and no refunds will be provided. It is recommended that you contact our agents before booking so that you can be better informed of such closures.
  • On sharing transfers, the pickup/dropoff times may be modified slightly from the trip schedule, depending on prevalent traffic conditions and location of pickup/dropoff.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/l29e01lCUhdvQby8rzd0kWuaVDXwJrt8qOmDY7XENVBwLr6YXJFJTKtnJbM__R_tymIe5pmLJSPJ_WMTk2nkAbRap6o7MIVGE-gyGHIXPSMkFeLUmITHqKCPLZ3ilIo0CyR_2XHb  Dress code:

  • Any dress which is comfortable for you

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_SdjOG8O0BhycvT71TbkJ-8qDxgVaNl0H08Dv0FJlLrqEyj_GSCbp4pcJipXKfwFExtfDGJJWmeh3CSbXvNAin6icZG2N1gLheTyGiYkgaOzeb_1MGQi4nwSHYcksgGmhI-3-ctP  Timings:

  • Morning - 10:00 AM  to 02:00 PM

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/nO0rrrYNstH0t8yirW2XkqamSAtJwgL0j8m5X1p3axtvgUH9xx4xcXGJGDN8fERHH15b8GUkEFwRmfn2YWMwfihwSOB1nu5E-Po3xnkML5T-uHzs6DU0xh9vUHx2Xqg8fAPRowPj  Payment Policy:

  • Online Payment only
  • Cash Payment on pick up (on special request)
  • Please check the booking details

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/wEugeseuvNNkio47bnR9Pi4kArpPp8QjT0l6ges_TAe5UKitxd_lSpe6Lif764XPyZS6fWGSF2KO_2mZx9FomRe4jl3WksqjLVBkhq4kf4-8-MoUUZsrC60KhHS6xuw3SXM5HHM_  Cancellation Policy:

  • Non-Refundable after 12 hours of post-booking


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