Sharjah, also known as the cultural capital of UAE, is the city with a rich history in the field of trade and abundance of heritage sites and architectural marvels. Go for an enlightening journey through the heart of the Sharjah city.



Sharjah is one of those cities in UAE which has always been on the front covers for all the right reasons. This city has a lot to offer to all the tourists. With many heritage sites, informative museums, traditional markets, and contemporary architecture, this city is certainly full of surprises.

In this 5-hour tour around the city, we aim to give you an insightful ride through the major tourist spots in Sharjah. To start with, our agent will pick you up from your place of stay and drive you to the very first location in our itinerary, which is the Sharjah Museum. We don’t think that there is a better place for you to get acquainted with the past of Sharjah.

The divine King Faisal Mosque will be our very next stop. With a vast area of 12,000 square meters, this mosque is the largest of the 300 other mosques in the Emirate. Soon after that, we will give you the opportunity to take a few snaps at some of the most scenic places on the way to your next destination.

Not everyone is aware of the residence of the former ruling family of Sharjah. This is why we will be taking you to the Al Hisn Fort after the photo stops. If you are keen to know about the history of the trades carried out in Sharjah, you must definitely take a stroll through the oldest Market place in UAE called the Souq al Arsah. Do not forget to purchase some souvenirs before leaving this market.

Lastly, we will take you to the Souq Al Markazi, one of the best market places in Sharjah. The spectacular view of the buildings covered in blue tiles also a sight worth to watch. Whether it is the famous Emirati handicrafts or the beautiful carpets, you will get to purchase all the local goods from here.

With this our 5-hour trip comes to an end and we will drop you off to the places from where we have you picked you up. Even though this is a short tour, we can assure you that this going to be one of the most delightful experiences of your life. One should never miss the opportunity to explore the lifestyle and culture of a city as beautiful as Sharjah.

Before deciding on the trip, please take a look at the various options we offer you in this tour package.

1) Mleiha Archeological Tour

This is one of the best options we have included in our package to entertain all the lovers of history. The Mleiha Archeologial Centre is the exhibition centre from where you can gather all the archeological evidence of past life in UAE. All the exhibits shown here have been excavated from the surrounding areas of Mleiha and are approximately 40 years old. Delve deep into the history of UAE with a tour to this archeological centre. 

2) Sharjah City Tour + Aquarium

In this city tour, in addition to the spots mentioned in the overview, we also offer the trip to the famous Aquarium in Sharjah. With more than 150 different species and 20 separate tanks, this aquarium is definitely one of the best aquariums in UAE. also, please note that this tour will be arranged on a sharing basis. Nevertheless, we will make this journey as comfortable for you as possible.

3) Sharjah Private City Tour

The private city tour is carried out in a private 4 x 4 vehicle. This trip is inclusive of all the spots mentioned in our itinerary. Since this is a private city tour, you can enjoy it with your family/friends without having to wait for anyone else during the trip. However, the visit to the aquarium is not a part of this tour package. In case if you wish to visit the aquarium, please inform our tour agent while booking the tickets.

4) Arabian Wild Life Centre Visit

Did you know that the Arabian Wild Life Centre is the only zoo in the UAE which exhibits the almost all the animals found in the Arabian Peninsula? If you love animals, then you must definitely try this tour option. This zoo also preserves the animals which are considered to be extinct in the current era. Choose this tour and get the chance to take a explore the animals living here.

With the aforementioned 4 options, we try to make the Sharjah city tour package as desirable as possible. You can choose the option which is you think is suitable to enjoy with your loved ones. Create memories in this beautiful city with our best deals and offers.

Important Things to be Noted:

  • The visit to the mosque will not be carried out on Fridays due to prayer restrictions. Hence, please contact our agent before confirming your date of travel. 

Dress Code:

  • For Women - The women who wish to enter the mosque must wear decent loose clothing which does not expose both the hands and legs. Their heads also must be covered while inside the mosque.
  • For Men - All the men must wear the clothes which do not expose any body part above their knees. Their shoulders also must remain covered while they are inside the mosque.


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Sharjah Private City Tour
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