Fujairah is the fifth largest emirate located on the eastern coast of UAE. The gigantic mountain ranges and sparkling beach waters make it completely different from all the other places in the UAE. The tour around this city will certainly change the picture you’ve had in your mind about the topography of UAE.

Fujairah City Tour

Along with the tour around the city, we also offer both the pick-up an drop facilities to and from your hotel. This will definitely help you to have a safe and comfortable tour around Fujairah. After the pick-up, our agent will drive you through the rugged mountain ranges to the famous and divine Bidiya Mosque. 

The Fujairah Fort, built in the 17th century also part of our itinerary. Though it was once the residence of the ruling family of Fujairah, today it serves as the reminiscent of the city in the past. Your way to the history of the city does not end here. The Fujairah Museum will further take you through the artworks and archeological evidence which point towards the lifestyle of the ancestors of Fujairah. What makes this museum unique is that almost all the artefacts exhibited here belong to the Bronze and Iron ages.

People always travel to Fujairah with the intention to get away from the pollution and stress. Hence, our very next stop will be at Khorfakkan Beach. While here, do not forget to spend a few hours to swim and enjoy the various water rides.

The yet another famous tourist spot in Fujairah is the Friday Market. Other than God, you will get anything and everything from this market. If your bargaining skills are good, you will have the best shopping experience of your life. With this, the most beautiful tour through the mountain ranges will come to an end.

On the way back to your hotel, take in the views of Dibba and Masafi, which are the most laid-back towns in Fujairah. A lot of our guests come back for a second tour around this calm and beautiful city just to take a break away from the busy city life. If you are planning for such a break, be sure to explore the natural wonders of Fujairah.


Important Things to be Noted:

  • The visit to the mosque will not be carried out on Fridays due to prayer restrictions. Hence, please check with our agent before booking your tickets.

Dress Code:

  • For Women - The women who wish to enter the mosque has to wear decent loose clothing which does not expose both the hands and legs. Their heads also must remain covered while inside the mosque.
  • For Men - All the men must wear the clothes which do not expose any body part above their knees. Their shoulders also must remain covered while they are inside the mosque.