We all know that Dubai is famous for its luxury lifestyles, shopping centers, modern architecture and the fact that the city just glows itself in the night. But wherever you are, it’s hardly unlikely to miss the ‘Burj Khalifa’, which is the world’s largest building standing at a whopping 828 meters high. Making itself known as Dubai’s signature skyscraper, the building truly is a place that you should check out closely, or rather from the inside. If you’re in Dubai and haven’t yet checked out the ‘Dubai Mall’, then you’re in for a shopping spree surprise. Right out of the shopping can be a sight for an eye which you capture for a lifetime because such is the glitz offered from the ‘The Dubai Fountain’, which is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system.

A trip to all these places and much more top scraped attractions, which includes the ‘Palm Jumeirah’, a man-made island in the shape of the palm tree is truly one to explore any time of the day. Also, the ‘Dubai Creek’ which is the original birthplace of the Dubai culture where a lot of history is kept at bay. This saltwater estuary also holds the ‘Dubai Museum’ if you’re interested in knowing the history and transformation of a place which was once known only for oil digging to one of the world’s best tourist place and visitor centers. Your wanderlust feeling can go on and we know just the right place for you and have got it covered up at ‘JBR’; Dubai's urban beach district where you can Eat, Shop and yes, Beach!

Dubai can be a long and tedious place if you do not know where you are and where to be in the right place. That’s where NHT can help you in selecting the best holiday schedule for your cause, whether it’s a family tour, adventure exploration, a vacation away from home etc. Picking out the best from Dubai’s greatest cuisines, stays, and travels, we provide you the grandest package right at the center of all the action in Dubai. Don’t just count for a trip, make Dubai an experience with NHT.

Fun Fact: Taking history and modern era; we all know that the Mona Lisa painting was sold at a record price back then. But, the ‘Burj Al Arab Hotel’ uses enough gold to cover the Mona Lisa painting 46,265 times. Yes, Dubai loves gold!