Message From The CEO

With New Horizon Travel and Tours, we looked to expand each and every person's interest in getting to know the real facts and figures of a place. What I saw in holiday vacations and excursions happening around friends, family and the lot is that, when people tend to visit a place, they don't know about the facts and figures of the place nor the history, traditions, beliefs and lifestyle patterns of the natives. Every single city you visit, every single holiday package that you book with us should bring about a feeling in you that you have indeed experienced the place and bring to your mind that you have made the best memories at that place for as long you can remember.

We don't want you to think of NHTT as just a vacation booking counter, and that is why we focus on providing the best user experience to each and every person, irrespective of the city, attraction, events and stay. With foremost priority in providing every user with not just a service, but an experience worth remembering everyday with NHT, our users will be kept at 100% satisfaction with every booking with us. Our agents and service criteria makes sure that you get a hassle free and relaxed experience with every visit you take with us, ranging from picking you up at the airport to your everyday needs and making sure that you visit your next trip also with NHTT.

We have also made thorough research work in every sector, every city and every event you will be spending with us, so that we can answer all your queries and assist you in every aspect. Experience NHT by giving us a handshake and let’s begin your dream journey to the world’s most attractive places and residence.

Stino Kuriakose,
Founder, Managing Director