About Us

About us

New Horizon Travel And Tours LLC is a company established in 1996, by Mr. Stino Kuriakose with the prime objective to provide users with a travel experience like none before. Growing with customer support and positive user feedback, NHT Group takes pride in establishing a core environment in the travel enterprises department as one of the world’s leading agencies providing customer service to utmost satisfaction.

We have provided quality and scale in providing international connections with multiple firms, hotels, service providers which has helped us in evolving our company’s prominence to a stage where it is internationally accepted as a fan favorite  in travel services. We ensure that every customer meets their demands, thereby making sure that we get their remark and satisfaction by providing our services in the most safe and convenient way available.

At NHT, all of us work together with defying enthusiasm and take each customer as a objective that we look to deploy with the best we have to offer. We hope to serve you with all possible courtesy and generosity and make sure that your experience with NHT will be lifelong relationship.