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Welcome to Abu Dhabi

The capital of the Arab Emirates, the economy mine-pillar of the Arab, the Megatron of UAE, the list of tags and names for Abu Dhabi city can go on and on, and if you ever meet an Arab, talk some Abu Dhabi numbers into him and Hola! You’ve got yourself a treat. From all the way back when Abu Dhabi was once known for its pearl business and oil discoveries, to the posh and decorated millenium city it is today with enthused visits from whole over the world, Abu Dhabi has evolved itself as one of the world’s most artistic and richest countries there is today.

Getting back to your hometown after a visit to Abu Dhabi might be a bit difficult, as such are the amenities and showcases that the city has to offer for it’s tourists. From exploring the skirts of Abu Dhabi with the Boat Tours to luxurious and celebrated ‘Ferrari World’, you can get yourself a one way ticket to spending your dream holiday with your loved ones exploring the best of what the flavors of Abu Dhabi has to offer. With the best travel destination options for all purpose, Abu Dhabi covers almost every sector in it’s stretch which includes over 200 well maintained parks and gardens, over 400 kilometers of coastline, museums of historical importance, public fanfare programs, entertainment centers and a large variety of souks.

It can take you a while to forget the NHT package luxuriated for Abu Dhabi, hosting a series of events and places starting from the world’s largest indoor theme park, the ‘Ferrari World’, onto the landmark building ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’ hosting the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet, to the ‘Yas Waterworld’ amusement park, Abu Dhabi’s own ‘Emirates Zoom Park’ and the ever ranging souks and hotels. Where to go first, how much time to spend there, fixing the right route plan etc. can all add up to one’s time; travel with NHT to get the best experience out of Abu Dhabi and save yourself more time to catch the air of the outland.


Fun Fact : Abu Dhabi has made its name into the Guiness Book of World Records with its prestigious ‘Capital Gate’ which now holds the record as the World’s furthest leaning man-made tower, taking the record from the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in 2010.

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