Are you planning for a vacation trip to Dubai? Then, you should never leave the city without experiencing the fun-filled activities such as the desert safari and the visit to the Wild Wadi Park. We know that it might become difficult for you to arrange all the tours, especially if you are on a busy schedule. Hence, to ensure that you don’t miss out the best activities in the city, we have arranged for this awesome tour package.

Wouldn’t you like to know the itinerary of our tour plan? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page because this is where you will get all the details of this tour package.

Wild Wadi Park

The Wild Wadi Park is located near to the Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Jumeirah. Do you know what makes this park so special? This is the only park in the country which has been constructed with the theme of an Arabian Folklore. The main characters of this folklore are the Sinbad and Juha. It is for this theme that the Wild Wadi Park has been granted with the Outstanding Accomplishment Design and Theming award.

With more than 25 thrilling rides, this park has some of the fastest and tallest rides in the world. Some of the most renowned rides here include Master Blaster roller coaster, Ring Rides, Wipeout and Riptide rides and many others.

Believe it or not, the exciting rides in this park are certainly going to bring out the child in you. This is also one of the best places to take a break from your stressful lives.

Red-Dunes Desert Safari

Out of all the safaris, the evening red-dunes desert safari is one of the most sought-after activities of all tourists. This safari involves a lot of rides which will provide you with a relaxing yet entertaining evening.

Dune bashing will be the very first activity in the safari. This ride will be carried out on a 4 x 4 land cruiser. During this ride, you will also get to see the gorgeous sunset on the desert. After this ride, you can also try other activities such as camel riding and sand boarding. You can take part in these activities even without any prior experience with the help of our supervised trainers.

Once you’ve used up all your energy on these amazing rides, we will proceed to the camping area. While here, you can have an up-close experience of the famous Arabian Bedouin lifestyle. You can also try the Shisha and the famous Arabic coffee from these camps.

Have you ever painted your hands with henna? If not, you can give it a try during this safari. We have also arranged to fill your tummies with a delicious barbecue dinner. Along with the scrumptious dinner, you can also enjoy the famous Tanoura dance performed by highly talented and professional artists. Soon after this performance, we will wrap up our evening safari.

The desert safari along with the Wild Wadi park will turn your day into an eventful and memorable one. Make the best of your day with this awesome combo offer.  

Is this the tour package you’ve been looking for? Then, don’t wait anymore. Book your tickets with us as soon as possible.


  • Shared/private transfers to and from the hotel/location of the guests

  • English-speaking guides/drivers

1) Wild Wadi Park

  • Entrance tickets to the park

  • Access to all the rides of the park

  • Provision to take photographs on your camera

  • Explore the award-winning theme of the park

  • A chance to enjoy the fastest and tallest rides in the world

  • Dining options inside the park (optional)

2) Red-Dunes Desert Safari

  • Dune bashing on a 4 x 4 air-conditioned land cruiser

  • Photo session on the desert

  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the desert sunset

  • Opportunity to ride on camels

  • Try sand boarding under the supervision of experts

  • Go for camping to get an idea of the Arabian Bedouin lifestyle

  • Try shisha and taste the delicious Arabic coffee

  • Paint your hands with the best henna designs (optional)

  • Enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options

  • Tanoura dance performance by talented artists


  • Pick-up and drop off facilities for all the guests

  • Licensed English-speaking guides and drivers

1) Wild Wadi Park

  • Entry to Wild Wadi Park

  • Enjoy the rides suitable for all the age groups

  • Food and drinks available inside the premises (optional)

  • Explore the awe-inspiring theme of the park

2) Red-Dunes Desert Safari

  • Dune bashing

  • Camel riding

  • Sand boarding for both beginners and experienced people

  • Witness the famous desert sunset

  • Understand all about the Arabian Bedouin lifestyle from the camps

  • Get the best henna designs painted on your hands (optional)

  • Try the renowned Arabic coffee and shisha

  • Barbecue dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

  • Tanoura dance performance by professionals



  • Quad bike and dune buggy rides (available on additional charges)

  • Tanoura dance performance will not be available during the month of Ramadan

  • All the other expenses and activities which are not included in our tour package

  • Alcoholic beverages (served on request). However, alcohol will not be served during the month of Ramadan.

Key Points to be Noted:

  • Not all the rides in this tour package are suitable for pregnant women

  • This tour package is not recommended for people who have serious health issues

  • It is recommended to wear sports shoes for the safari. Also, please bring a jacket with you if the tour is planned during the winter season.

  • There is no mandatory dress code for the guests. You can wear anything which is comfortable for the safari.

Tour Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

    Tour Packages

    1. Can you tell me the list of accessories to brought with me for the camping?

    2. You do not have to bring anything with you for the safari. The entire camping facilities will be provided by us in this tour package.

    1. Are all the to and fro transfers arranged on an air-conditioned vehicle?

    2. Yes, all the to and fro transfers are arranged on air-conditioned vehicles.

    1. Can I paint my hands with henna during the safari?

    2. Yes, of course, you can paint your hands with henna designs during the desert safari.

    1. My native language is English. I would like to get a guide who can understand my language very well. Can you please do that?

    2. You don’t have to worry at all because all our guides and drivers can speak the English language very well. You will not have any language issues during this tour.

    1. I’ve always wanted to try the quad bike ride. Can you please arrange it for me?

    2. Even though the quad bike ride is not included in our tour package, we can still arrange it for you. However, you may have to pay an additional charge for it.

    1. Is it allowed to take photos of the desert sunset during the safari?

    2. Yes, you are free to take the snaps of the beautiful desert on your camera.

    1. Can I take part in all the rides inside Wild Wadi Park?

    2. If you are completely healthy and meets all their criteria, you will be able to take part in all the rides inside the Wild Wadi Park.

    1. Is camel riding part of this tour package? If not, can you please include it? I am even ready to pay extra for this ride.

    2. Yes, the camel riding already in our tour package. Hence, you will not have to pay anything extra for this ride.

    1. Is it okay for the kids to try sand boarding?

    2. Yes, all the activities on the desert happen under the guidance of trained professionals. Hence, even your kids can try sand boarding for some time.

    1. I heard that the desert safari in this tour package is inclusive of a barbecue dinner. Is this true?

    2. Yes, you will be served with a delicious barbecue dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options during the desert safari.

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10 Reviews

My kids loved the tour

Eleana, Germany

I booked this tour package for my family last week. More than me and my wife, our kids had a great time. They loved both the safari and the rides in Wild Wadi park so much.



It was really exciting

Mathew, Canada

The safari and also the rides of Wild Wadi were marvellous. I really loved both activities. Thank you for organising such a great package.



Thrilling and fun

Marshal, France

I was exactly looking for a package like this. It was thrilling and I had a great experience. Thank you very much, guys.



Love it a lot

Ibrahim, Jordan

I went to the safari and Wild Wadi park last week. It was adventurous and exciting. I love it very much.



Wild Wadi Park is the best

Keith, Denmark

Out of the safari and the Wild Wadi park visit, I loved the park more. I’ve always been a fan of roller coaster rides. Thank you for this deal, guys.



A superb and exciting tour

Neha, Bengaluru

I went for a short trip to the UAE last week. It was a sudden decision of mine to choose this combo tour package. I am really glad about my decision now. It was totally exciting and entertaining.



We all love this deal

Roshan, Jaipur

I always go along with my friends for tours. We recently came across this deal and it was just amazing. I mean, the whole deal is just perfect.



Well-organised deal

Eve, New Zealand

I have gone for a lot of tours and I think this is one of the best deals I have ever been to. It was very well-organised and even the staff of NHTT was friendly and helpful.



Well done, NHTT

Ajmal, Iran

I went for the Desert Safari and Wild Wadi Park last weekend. NHTT is definitely doing a great job by organising such a wonderful deal. It was really fun.



You have handled this deal well, guys

Peter, Holland

This combo tour package is way better than any other tour package I’ve ever chosen. NHTT definitely knows how to handle their deals. This tour was certainly worth my money.